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First Name   Last Name   Title   Department   Picture  
Albert Oostendorp Senior Advisor/Administrator Administration Albert Oostendorp
Amanda Sheldon Admin. Assistant Health Center Amanda  Sheldon
Ben Domak Custodian School
Bertha Chalifoux Transp. Driver Health Center
Charlene Heroux Principal/Teacher School Charlene  Heroux
Charmaine Engebretson Receptionist Administration Charmaine  Engebretson
Clarence Sound Bus Driver School Clarence Sound
Clayton Davis Recreation Director Recreation
Crystal Martin Daycare Worker Daycare Crystal  Martin
Darrell Davis Housing Assistant Housing & Public Works Darrell  Davis
Darryel Sowan Consultation Director Consultation Darryel  Sowan
Delphine Giroux Custodian Health Center Delphine  Giroux
Diane Sound Daycare Worker Daycare Diane  Sound
Dianne McKenzie Finance Director Administration Dianne McKenzie
Donna Holmes Social Worker Social Development Donna Holmes
Dustin Twin Jr. Field Assistant Consultation
Elizabeth Chalifoux Teacher School Elizabeth Chalifoux
Gail Bellerose Teacher School Gail  Bellerose
Gerald Giroux Councillor Leadership
Gerald Davis Housing/Public Works Director Housing & Public Works Gerald  Davis
Harold Twin NNADAP Health Center Harold  Twin
Jacqueline Neron Transportation Clerk Health Center Jacqueline  Neron
Jessica Giroux Daycare Worker Daycare Jessica  Giroux
Joanne Sloat HRD/ASETS Director HRD/ASETS Joanne  Sloat
Kim Delorme Health Director Health Center Kim  Delorme
Lee Twinn Councillor Leadership
Lisa Davis Family Support Worker Health Center Lisa  Davis
Loretta Chalifoux Administrative Assistant Administration Loretta  Chalifoux
Lorraine Davis Director-Daycare/Headstart Daycare Lorraine  Davis
Lorraine Rubisch Nurse Health Center
Lynn Krupa Family Support Worker Health Center Lynn  Krupa
Mandy Twin Accounts Payable Administration Mandy  Twin
Mark Giroux Councillor Leadership
Mary Davis Headstart Worker Headstart Mary  Davis
Morris Davis Transp. Driver Health Center Morris  Davis
Nicole McIvor Maternal Child Health Health Center Nicole  McIvor
Paula Cardinal Teacher Assistant School Paula  Cardinal
Penny Gullion Finance Assistant/Membership Administration Penny  Gullion
Rachel Sound Clerk Health Center Rachel  Sound
Robert Sound Water Treatment Plant Worker Housing & Public Works Robert  Sound
Roberta Sowan Homecare Worker Health Center Roberta  Sowan
Rose Sowan Custodian Administration
Ryan Davis Chief Leadership
Sharon Courtoreille CHR Health Center
Yvonne Sound Education Director Education Yvonne  Sound